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The Jackson Family { love operation reunited }

Last weekend I felt like I captured an episode from the show Coming Home. A group of troops were expected to come home late last weekend. So I headed to the airport to meet with one of my love op clients to capture her home coming with her hubby. As I was there I was able to capture a quick picture of my Love Op clients that I would be capturing on Sunday.  Joni was going to surprise the boys with Dad arriving home early first thing on Sunday morning. The boys had no idea that Dad was home early from deployment. They thought it was a typical day getting together with friends so they could win lots of tickets and play games at Chuck E. Cheese. If you have been to Chuck E. Cheese, he makes his entrance to a song and dances with the children. As Chuck E. and his gang made their entrance Dad followed them in and surprised the his boys. They were in complete shock and at first didn’t know what to do. Until Dad yelled out, “Yeah I’m for real!” The boys went running at Dad and jumped into his arms. It was a moment that these boys will never forget finally to have Dad home after being gone almost 16 months out of 24months. It makes me feel so good to witness families back together as one. It’s not easy having your love away all the time while they are doing their job.

Welcome back!! To see more images, click here to view the slide show.

This is the snap shot I got of Joni reuniting with her hubby.

Here are the boys getting ready for Chuck E to make his entrance! Still having no idea Dad is behind the door too.

And in shock to see Dad!

“Yes I’m for real!”-Dad

Here are some images from their time at Chuck E Cheese as a family, finally back together as one.


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